Our concept

Our concept

What is SoBo & how does it work?

We have divided our offer into four areas and concluded cooperations with well-known premium partners in the respective subject areas. You can decide which areas are most important to you. Besides the aspect of living, there are four basic principles: Mobility, Connectivity, Digital and Food & Health.

Flexibility is key!

With regional providers of shareable vehicles, we offer you a flexible way to get around without extra registration. Sign up with SoBo Living and use nearby Emmy Roller or DriveNow cars. Or maybe you’re the more active type: DonkeyRepublic is a bike supplier in your city and offers you a sportier alternative to car or a scooter. There is also the possibility to book a public transport ticket to move as efficiently as possible in a city like New York City.

Let us entertain you

You want to play Playstation in Stockholm? Do you want to follow the exciting Lakers game in Bali and do it best live? You want to listen to your favorite jam  everywhere in the house and sing along loudly? Thanks to modern streaming providers and devices, all this is no longer a problem and is even standard for many people at home. But what about travelling? Often things like sound systems and smart TVs are not available in hotel rooms or apartments. With SoBo Living it’s guaranteed to be different! You just tell us what you are up to and we will take care of the rest!

Always connected

Nowadays it is more and more important to be well connected. Especially as a digital nomad, it can sometimes be difficult to find your way around a new place and above all to get connected. That’s why we have selected the best and most popular co-working locations for you in every city and organize a suitable workspace for you. If you are interested in a Smart Home, we can also install it in your next appartment thanks to our cooperation partners. We also give you tips for social activities and show you platforms where you can network.

Love goes through the stomach 

Does Hello Fresh mean anything to you? No? Then pay attention: Hello Fresh is one of our partners in Germany and can supply you with a large box containing three wonderful recipes on request. You probably ask yourself: Why do I need three recipes? Quite simply, there are three recipes with all the required ingredients, weighed very carefully. So you don’t have to buy anything and you don’t have to worry about any other things, except maybe the dishes.

Possible Customer Journey


Christiano Delgado, 31 Years, Web Developer

„Christiano is a web developer and works as a freelancer on various projects. He used to work from his hometown in Portugal and now he wants to experience more besides his work. Therefore he wants to travel to other countries and get to know their culture and people better. He still wants to keep all the comforts that he can enjoy in his home. For this reason Christian decided to book his first stay in Berlin through SoBo Living. Thanks to his personal assistant, his personal profile was created after a detailed conversation and it was decided which services Christiano would like to use in the future. In his case: A Co-Working place, a bicycle and weekly cooking boxes.“

Annika Olsen, 27 Years, Photographer

„Annika is a travel-loving photographer who gets inspiration for her work from all over the world. She doesn’t want to stay in hotels all the time because she considers them too impersonal. Hostels don’t offer her enough privacy because she needs tranquility and absolute focus to edit her photos. That’s why she signed up for SoBo Living and after a short description of her person and preferences she got the following offer for her next trip to Ecuador: A colonial style apartment in the northern part of the center in the capital Quito. From there she can reach many stations of her trip without any issues. In addition, she has decided on a coffee machine in the apartment and she also gets information about evening events and community events in her neighborhood. Annika is very open-minded and often wants to get to know new people after work.“

Possible destinations around the world.

Our apartments are located around the world and we have 500+ destinations. Have a look at our map and become a member for a complete list:
North America
South America