Start Living. Now. Everywhere.

Do you enjoy being with one foot in all parts of the world and with the other in a familiar environment where you don’t have to make any sacrifices? Whether it´s a business trip, adventure or temporary residence, you always leave a bit of quality of life behind in your own four walls, don’t you? No matter if it’s a home sound system, your own car or a well-equipped kitchen – it’s not always as easy to just leave the things you appreciate at home!


That’s why there is SoBo Life! We are your online travel agency, consultant and lifestyle coach in one and help you to create your perfect home – no matter where you are.


We supply you with the best and most beautiful apartments, tailored to your needs. Best location, exquisite furnishings and feel-good guarantee acquired and selected by us. The best? You will receive your personal offer directly via WhatsApp!


You want to be flexible and want to come comfortably from A to B? We rent your car, electric scooter or bicycle for you! No stress at all, we promise!


Get in Touch – With the community in your new city. We’ll help you and make it easier for you to get in touch with local co-working networks and give you tips for possible leisure activities.


Digital entertainment – the way you want it. Whether you have or want Netflix, Hulu, Sky Go or Amazon Prime. We take care of the necessary infrastructure for your perfect binge weekend. Maybe you’re the type of person who has the perfect soundtrack for every moment of the day and prefers to play it everywhere. Even the perfect audiophile setup is already organized for you when you move in.

Food & Health

You are what you eat! That’s why a healthy and balanced diet is so important, even when you’re out and about! We therefore have local premium partners who provide you with the most important ingredients for a feast. In the well-equipped kitchens it is easy to cook. If you don’t have time for something you’ve cooked yourself, we’ll give you some tailor-made tips for the best restaurants and bars.